About Us

The landscape is changing, and Liberty Tire Recycling is at the forefront of a groundbreaking conservation industry. We collect and recycle more than 190 million tires, turning them into raw materials for smart, useful products that improve people’s lives. 15% of tire composition is wire which is removed and recycled by the steel industry.
We do this because we’re committed to a greener planet. According to the EPA, scrap tires can become a breeding ground for disease-carrying mosquitos and other insects. Properly reclaiming and recycling these tires into reusable raw materials protects the environment and public health.

About Western Rubber Products

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Our Team
  • Western Rubber Products was founded by local entrepreneurs in 1989 with three employees and one granulator
  • Owned by Liberty Tire Recycling since 2010
  • Western Rubber Products is the largest recycler of scrap tires in British Columbia
  • Since our beginning, we have processed over 100 million tires for a total of 220,000,000 pounds of recycled rubber
  • 150,000+ square feet of production and inside warehouse
  • 4 acres of outside storage
  • Over 120 full-time employees, plus 10 seasonal and part- time employees
Our Service
  • Service every community in British Columbia with company-owned tractors and trailers as well as with many transporters.
  • The operating area of British Columbia is 945 thousand square kilometers, which is an area a third larger than the state of Texas. Collection is locally based utilizing empty trailers made available by general freight companies who would otherwise travel back to Delta empty.  Reduction of carbon footprint through reduction of empty travel miles by commercial truck results in a significant reduction of greenhouse gases
Three Products Facilities
  • 969 Cliveden Avenue Delta, BC Primary shredding facility reduction of whole tires to shred for further processing.  40,000 square foot plant, plus two acres of outside storage and processing space
  • 721 Aldford Ave. Delta, BC   Finishing facility.  50,000 square foot plant that produces crumb rubber in a broad spectrum of size gradients for use in production of sports fields, agricultural mats and molded products.  We also produce colored garden mulch for the landscape industry in a multitude of colors and package size for commercial and homeowner use.
  • Smiley Road, Chemainus, BC. Vancouver Island facility 12,000 square foot plant that occupies one acre.  Operates as a primary shredding plant.  Allows for reduction in volume of material prior to forwarding to Aldford St, in Delta.  Beneficial to carbon footprint

About Liberty Tire Recycling

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We process over 5.2 million tires annually
  • 25,000 tires daily
  • Shredders, wire liberators, granulators, mills and other peripheral equipment
  • 5000+ HP & 5000 + Amp Services
  • Max capacity 7.5 million tires annually
Demand exceeds supply
  • We currently import 2-3,000 tons of material from other provinces and states per year to meet the demand of our exclusive customer “specifications”
  • We process Giant Mining Tires (GMT) from Alberta to produce crumb and mulch at Delta facility