Island Tire Recycling Ltd.

Ultra blast mats being placed
over blast site

In 2006 Western Rubber Products bought the assets of Target Recycling Inc. of Chemainus, BC and formed Island Tire Recycling (ITR).  This has given the WR Group a physical presence on Vancouver Island.

Scrap tires from all over Vancouver Island are delivered to Island Tire Recycling’s 3,700 square foot facility in Chemainus.  The tires are shredded here with the shred transported to Western Rubber on the Mainland for further processing.

ITR is also in the business of making blasting mats from the treads of medium truck tires.  This manufacturing has historically taken place at the Chemainus plant.  ITR has recently opened a production facility on Annacis Island where it is now making an improved version of the blasting mats.

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